My Vision

Over the past several months, I have met with dozens of community leaders bringing new and different perspectives to key issues facing Carrboro. Among these leaders are affordable housing and arts advocates, bankers, bicyclists, developers, educators, elected officials, environmentalists, pastors, planners, public transit experts, and small business owners.

I am more convinced than ever that we need a comprehensive plan to guide Carrboro’s future and that plan must address five critical areas to ensure the Carrboro that we all want. We must address Affordability, Density, Sustainability, Equity, and Environmental Responsibility. None of these are simple issues and none exists in a vacuum.

To read more about my specific ideas to address these 5 critical areas, click on the buttons to the right. And let me know what you think about the path Carrboro must take going forward.


"Walking the road for social justice and equality, we sometimes travel with community stakeholders. Some with visions. Some who have planted, watered, and gathered. Some who have seen the need, and met them. Some who inspired others. Some who built bridges. A few like Susan Romaine who have all of these qualities. Susan is a true friend of the people, with a unique value. I support her campaign for Carrboro Board of Aldermen."

— Reverend Robert L. Campbell