environmental responsibility

Global warming is felt by cities and towns all over the state, including here in Carrboro. We have weathered two “Five-Hundred-Year-Floods” within the past two years. We are coping with hotter summers, droughts, and intense storms, with more taxpayers’ money diverted to repair the damage from water and wind. Sadly, our neighbors with the fewest resources are often the hardest hit by the extreme weather.

  • Conduct a comprehensive energy audit of town buildings to identify where energy is being wasted, and weatherize and install energy efficient upgrades as needed.

  • Incentivize walking, biking, and carpooling/vanpooling over driving a car alone.

  • Strengthen Chapel Hill Transit and expand Bus Rapid Transit routes to Durham, Raleigh, RDU, RTP, Mebane, and other parts of the Triangle.

  • Support Carrboro’s Climate Action Plan to transition to 100% renewable energy, and a new Climate Council to coordinate strategies with the Towns of Chapel Hill and Hillsborough.

  • Encourage local businesses to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy through a revolving loan fund aimed at LED light bulbs, window insulation, solar panels, and more efficient heating/cooling systems.

  • Consider solar battery technology to store excess solar energy for days; and explore solar rental for the new downtown library, or at least build it solar-ready.

  • Build more charging stations for electric cars at high traffic areas, and offer more incentives for developers to include charging stations in their designs.

  • Incentivize developers to install storm water infrastructure especially in residential areas most vulnerable to flooding (i.e., Estes Drive intersection, Jones Ferry Road bridge, Hillsborough Rd, North Greensboro Street, Bolin Creek, and Lloyd Farm).

  • Fully fund the Storm Water Utility Enterprise Fund to proactively address heavy damage from flooding in areas such as Tom’s Creek Corridor, Broad Street, Jones Ferry Rd, Hillsborough Rd, Highway 54 and more.

  • Protect Bolin Creek Forest as a natural treasure and oppose paving in the forested area.