New development makes most sense where development already exists. A vibrant, dense downtown is a place where people can easily shop, eat and drink, see a doctor or dentist, repair a car, visit a studio or gallery, get a haircut – all while supporting locally-owned small business and adding revenue to our coffers. But, all new development should be in keeping with the unique character of the town.

  • Concentrate development downtown to allow for the efficient provision of infrastructure including roads, sidewalks, and public transit. But, restrict height to 4 or 5 stories to maintain Carrboro’s small town charm.

  • Promote mixed use development in dense nodes such as Lloyd Farm, Shelton Station, and South Green.

  • Develop the northern transition area in a way that maintains its rural character and includes community-scale commercial space, diverse housing, shared green spaces, walking/biking trails, and transit connections.

  • Use density to reduce the Housing-Transportation Index (portion of disposable income devoted to housing and transportation) to 45% for as many families as possible.

  • Use density to make Carrboro more walkable and bikeable - reducing car emissions, congestion and parking needs.

  • Push for “missing middle” housing (duplexes, triplexes, bungalows, row houses) to help more middle income families, millennials, and downsizing empty nesters put down roots in Carrboro.