While there are many reasons that I am seeking a seat on Carrboro’s Board of Aldermen, my overarching concern is the town’s rising cost of living, especially for housing. It threatens the very diversity that has long been a trademark of and great source of pride to Carrboro. Rising housing costs also make it increasingly challenging for those who work here (including our teachers, police officers, firefighters, and town employees) to live here and build important school and community connections.

  • Support the third and last installment of a half cent property tax increase earmarked for affordable housing in FY2020-21.

  • Expand Carrboro’s land bank to ensure at least some of our housing stock is permanently affordable, just as the Northside Neighborhood Initiative’s land bank has done in Chapel Hill.

  • Collaborate with Orange County and Town of Chapel Hill to find just the right balance in affordable housing and preservation, and potentially a new school site, in the Greene Tract.

  • Improve choices, quality and affordability of housing for seniors including housing with assisted living and long-term care options.

  • Set aside as many as 20% of the units in new apartment rentals for affordable housing through density bonuses and other negotiated arrangements.

  • Applaud the Town for setting the bar high as a certified living wage employer, find new and creative ways to advertise Carrboro’s other certified living wage employers, and encourage local employers to follow suit.

  • Adopt a pilot program to create more opportunities for town employees to live in Carrboro by offering assistance with security and utility deposits for rentals, down payments on new homes, and financial planning.